technology trends

Emerging technologies are transforming how the Church advances the Gospel. How can Christians innovate and still remain faithful to the Way of Jesus?

Introducing the Missional Tech Trends.

Discover how Christian ministries can leverage 15 cutting-edge technologies in the next 5 years.

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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence systems are being used every day. See where AI will go in the next 5 years.

Virtual Reality

Big Tech companies are investing billions in Virtual Reality. See how it could be used to advance the Gospel.

Social Media

Social media is here to stay, even if it’s continually changing. Amplify your outreach strategies with these savvy, practical insights.


5G means more data faster, on more devices than ever. Learn how you can navigate the future landscape of 5G.

Information Security

Good cybersecurity begins with a few simple strategies. Learn what hackers want, and how you can better protect your data.


Digital healthcare is reaching more people in more places than ever before. Know the spiritual benefits, and anticipate the challenges.

Agriculture Tech

Agriculture is the largest business sector on the planet. See how automation and global finance are already transforming it.

Mapping & Tracking Tech

In the digital age, Mapping & Tracking technologies are benefitting ministries in new ways. See how yours can too.

Tech Policy

Beyond Big Tech headlines, tech policy deals with issues of justice and human flourishing. Learn how to handle your data and care for your people well.

Facial Recognition

Facial recognition systems are popular and controversial. For good reason. Know the risks, benefits, and responsibilities of these systems.


Blockchain may become how the Internet does business. Learn how ministries could get started ahead of that curve.


Is digital currency the future of money? If so, it’s also the future of fundraising, payments, and transfers. Here’s what ministries should know.

Digital Learning Platforms

Online education advanced a decade almost overnight. Empower your people to learn when and where they need it.

3D Printing

Meet local needs with custom-made products. See how your ministry could sustainably meet community needs.


Drones are more popular—and useful—than ever. See what they can do to carry your ministry into the future.