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Facial Recognition

About This Report

Facial Recognition is a popular and controversial application of biometrics. Despite predominantly negative public sentiment, state-sponsored systems are likely to continue expanding, so ministries will need to similarly increase their digital prowess. For ministries keen to adopt facial recognition systems, leaders will need to carefully weigh organizational needs, costs, and technical capacity, as well as the technology’s potential impact on internal culture.

Opponents rightly object to facial recognition’s inherent privacy problems, and Scripture is no stranger to either concealed identities or matters of privacy. Indeed, Scripture can guide ministries into the future as they use or encounter facial recognition systems. Consider all the angles with this report.


Key Report Highlights

  • Considerations. See what risks and benefits to consider before implementing facial recognition systems.
  • Surveillance. Learn how state-sponsored facial recognition might impact ministry efforts.
  • Opposition. Discover how collective action is helping to stem the tide of facial recognition use.
  • More. Numerous case studies and additional resources are outlined, and next steps are suggested.

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