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FaithTech is a global community focused on stewarding our tech skills to glorify God together.

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Community begins when we connect, get to know each other and build meaningful relationships.


Each time we meet together, someone will speak to us on the intersection of faith and technology.


We start and continue community labs projects as a part of our regular meet-up rhythm.

The Waterloo Leadership Team

Kris Braun

City Lead
Kris is the City Lead for Waterloo. I'm a zero-to-one product creator with a love for smooth product surfaces powered by impressive technical platforms. By solving the hardest challenges once in development, users put their cognitive energy into their goal rather than the product. I love rallying teams toward product creation, with a focus on empowering directly responsible individuals in connection with the cross-functional partners they need. In other words, one person owns each result and can innovate and iterate to achieve it; they do this as part of a dynamic team rather than fragmenting everything into separate work items. This allows for the creativity and agility required to generate solutions that deliver results within the chosen timeframe. Technically, I've been hands-on across the stack, from UIs to APIs to firmware. My most recent experience has focused on React, Node, Typescript, Rails, serverless compute, and PostgreSQL. In the past, I've built firmware and engines in C++.

Abbie Goulet

Design Team Lead, Waterloo
Abbie leads the Waterloo design team, making sure projects get the most awesome design support.

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