Bridging the gap between faith and technology.

FaithTech is a growing movement of Christians interested in all things faith and technology. Our vision is to become a global hub for FaithTech conversations, integrations, and innovations.

What is FaithTech

FaithTech is a movement within cities bridging the gap between Faith and Technology. We are pioneering a new way to share the good news in an era driven by technology. We do three simple things: host innovative events, Faith@Work where we empower groups of Christians to meet regularly at their workplace, and FaithTech Labs where we discover, launch, and help grow tech companies focused on creating Kingdom-minded solutions to real world problems.


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FaithTech Labs

Meeting real needs with tech.  FaithTech Labs are like Christian tech incubators, all across the world!  The products we build and the process we use are informed by Jesus and the Bible.


Faith@Work is focused on building gospel-centered communities in the workplace.  A Faith@Work community consists of believers in Jesus that meet on a regular (weekly or bi-weekly) basis exploring two simple questions:  Why do I work, and How is my faith active at work?


FaithTech wants cities to be collaborative thinking hubs for all things faith and technology. Our hope is to challenge minds, stir hearts, and move hands into action through thoughtful content and collaborative initiatives.

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