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Help us Find Christians in Tech across the Globe, Connect them into Community, and Steward our Skills to Glorify God.

Bringing people together

As FaithTech grows, we are passionate about bringing together Christians in Tech who often feel their faith is misunderstood at work, and their tech skills are misunderstood in their Faith community. We offer community that actively works against this sense of isolation and under-utilisation. 

Stewarding our skills for God

We’ve already seen Labs Projects track 215,995 bibles distributed, up to 18,000 users hitting a hope-filled suicide prevention website every month, audio messages played 19,000 times to loved ones in hospital isolated due to COVID, 858 people committing to taking a weekly “Digital Sabbath”, and $500k donations processed through the Text to Tithe program. We get the opportunity to become a part of these bigger stories, thanks to generous donations from the FaithTech community and beyond. Donate today to invest in more of these stories of impact as we serve the marginalized, the local church, and the spread of the Gospel. 

Made possible through generosity

Our ability to find Christians in the tech ecosystem, to provide community for them, and offer a platform through which they can work on impactful tech projects is only made possible through the generosity of those who regularly give financially to FaithTech. Each gift goes directly toward the fulfilment of this vision, as we bridge the gap between Faith and Technology, and provide real-world tech solutions to problems faced by communities, churches, and charities across the globe. 

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