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2016: Conversation Begins

“In the midst of devastation there is the opportunity for innovation.” Challenged by this phrase, a bunch of Jesus-loving geeks, hackers, and hustlers began meeting in Waterloo, Ontario.

2017: Cities Added

The vision behind FaithTech started to grow. Events quickly spread the word and people started meeting in Toronto, Vancouver, and Waterloo.

2018: Community Growth

Vision became communities. Projects were ignited through hackathons and regular meet-ups. With five cities running, the opportunities began to multiply to make lasting connections, share big ideas, and build solutions that serve the kingdom.

2019: Gaining Momentum

Compelled by this vision, FaithTech continued to build community, help people steward their tech skills for Christ, and expand how the global church talks about technology. This year saw a conscious slowing down to build the right team, operations and infrastructure to be prepared for the long-term future. 

2020: In the Midst of Devastation...

As the world was gripped by a Global pandemic, FaithTech saw unprecedented community growth as Jesus-loving tech-heads from around the world joined the community. Through a Global COVID-19 Church Hackathon, and the launch of the Global Labs Program, they used their skills to get the good news of Jesus into a world that desperately needs to hear it. 

2021: Continuing to Grow

As FaithTech continues to find Christians in tech across the globe, our prayer is that 2021 will again be a season of growth. With plans to reach 20 (10 more) communities, and more opportunities for volunteers to leverage tech for the name of Jesus, we’re excited to see how God moves!

2022: Double Down on In-Person

Yes, we added more cities to our global tech community for Christ. And more projects. But the thing we loved the most was our vision to double down on in-person gatherings. We have a deep value for embodiment as FaithTech. And as we came out of the global pandemic, we really focused on getting our people back in person together.

2023: Focus on Depth

What a year. We released the first draft of our FaithTech Playbook. We hosted many of our City Leads for a 3-day retreat. We really made the depth of our leaders the priority. By God’s grace, we grew from 20-37 city-based communities as well and saw dozens of technology products deployed into real-world use. God is on the move!

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