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What Does It Mean To Start FaithTech In Your City?

Check out our FAQs before you hit the button!

We are a global tech community for Jesus Christ. We help people in the tech ecosystem find community and steward their skills to glorify God. We have communities across the world with volunteer Labs teams building technology that helps the poor, serves churches, or shares the Good News of Jesus.


We believe in the power of in-person gatherings and interactions, especially for discipleship. That’s why FaithTech is designed as a city-based global movement, with strategic structure and leadership guiding the development of each city. A city is responsible for growing a network, hosting regular meetups, and actively building tech products together through our Labs Program, while discipling each other towards Christ along the way.

  1. One-year Commitment. We ask each person on our City Leadership Teams to commit to at least one year to lead their respective community.
  2. 3-5 Hours per Week. In order to accomplish your responsibilities as a volunteer, we know it takes a few hours a week to do this role well.
  3. Primary Responsibilities. We’ve outlined some of the expectations for leadership team members in the next section. When you sign this covenant, you are agreeing to fulfill one of the roles described below, or a role created by your team to help the community.
  4. Sharing Your Commitment with Church Family. You commit to sharing your involvement with FaithTech with your local church and receiving either approval or support to take this on. This could be from a Pastor, an elder, a deacon, or a similar key leader.
  5. Prayer and Jesus Centered. We all agree to keep the community grounded in the Gospel, always focused on Jesus. We ground our work in prayer, always.
  6. Agree with our Statement of Belief. What do we mean when we talk about being Jesus-centered? It’s all in our Statement of Belief.
  7. Sign our Confidentiality Agreement. In the course of volunteering with FaithTech you may have access to information such as contact info for people in your city, and we want to steward that information well.
  8. Sign our Statement of Volunteer. Because we know how important your time is and that you choose to invest it with us, we want to align expectations.

City Lead (Required to Launch)

  • Build and develop a leadership team, ensuring each team leader is accountable, clear
    on expectations, and clear on mission.

Labs Lead (Required to Launch)

  • Oversee the launch and health of all Labs projects

Meetup Lead

  • Oversee all meetups and ensure that all logistics and program are executed well
  • Communicate with the rest of the team on all key meetup information

Communications Lead

  • Oversee regular local newsletter via Mailchimp / CRM
  • Manage city Slack channel and city social media channels, posting with a regular cadence with a combination of original content and sharing global content

Prayer Lead

  • Bring the community together to pray for the city and the tech industry in the city
  • Create a prayer team that can meet regularly

You should apply if you are:


  • Jesus Centered. Life is all about the name and fame of Jesus Christ.
  • Passionate about Technology. You believe we must think critically on technology and
    leverage technology for Jesus’ fame.
  • Invested in Your Community. Your heart breaks for your city.
  • A Team Player. You are excited by the idea of contributing within a
    team to get things done together.

From the time we begin an assessment of a City Lead to the first meetup takes an average of 3-5 months. This takes into consideration the time it takes to walk through the interview stage, experience a FaithTech gathering (either in person or online), build a launch team, and plan the first gathering.

Your journey may look different, depending on your situation and region, but our team is here to walk through the process with you. When you complete an application, a member of our team will ensure you know what the next steps are.

If being the City Lead doesn’t sound like the right fit for you but any of the other roles match your skills and capacity, you should still apply and choose the appropriate role(s) on the application form.


You could then take the initiative in your local network to help find a city lead that is passionate for Redemptive Technology in your location. 


Please Note: We may ask you to wait to continue the conversation until someone has completed the application for City Lead.

Click the button below to complete a brief application and we’ll reach out with more details.

Apply Now:

FaithTech has developed a set of competencies that provide a standard against which we assess all applications.

The process can take from 3 to 5 months. Click below to apply.

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