FaithTech Japan meets on the 3rd Thursday of every month.

Here’s what you can expect:


We connect, get to know each other and build meaningful relationships.


Each time, someone will speak to us on the intersection of Faith and Technology.


We start and continue community labs projects as part of our regular meet-up rythym.

Japan Leaders:


Co-Director, FaithTech Japan
Norito co-directs the community in Japan with Yoshi. He's passionate to see people exercise their faith across all spheres of life.


City Director, FaithTech Japan
Yoshi was introduced to the digital world when 14 years old. He started out creating flash animations, and then taught himself web creation and motion graphics. he also worked as an artist at Sony Music for a while! He works for several startups in Tokyo, working with VCs. Because only 1% of the Japanese are Christians, he wants to use technology to build God’s kingdom. He has been married to my Japanese American wife, Ashley for a year.

Upcoming Events in Japan

No events scheduled right now, check back soon!
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