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Information Security

About This Report

Information Security, aka “cybersecurity,” is a constellation of tools and habits designed to protect an individual or organization’s information. This includes strategies to protect hardware, software, and data from malicious actors.

Protecting data starts with relatively straightforward practices that both individuals and organizations can implement. They must work together to increase their collective security. This includes maintenance habits and strategies for monitoring computer use. Case studies demonstrate that failing to develop secure practices and tools can create big problems. For tools and resources, download this report.


Key Report Highlights

  • What Hackers Want. Learn what kinds of data hackers are looking for.
  • Risk Awareness. Understand hacking strategies that could put you at risk.
  • Recommendations. Upgrade your information security with some recommended tools and resources.
  • Improve Security. Gain insight on the strategies that will help keep your data secure.
  • Best Practices. Take simple steps to improve your data security for individuals and organizations.

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