Virtual Reality


  • Presence. Explore how the Bible prioritizes presence and its relevance to virtual worlds.
  • New Emphases. See why virtual reality may highlight the Gospels but downplay the Epistles.
  • Selection. We highlight what features you’ll want to evaluate for your purposes.
  • Hurdles. See what hurdles VR and AR need to clear to become mainstream.
  • Examples. Experience for yourself numerous ministry examples of VR and AR being used right now.




Virtual Reality is an immersive experience in a computer-generated world, while Augmented Reality adds a visual layer onto the real world. Both are being used practically in therapy and hands-on training, and Big Tech companies are investing billions to develop them.


As an experience-centered platform, success with VR/AR will mean creating great experiences for users. While currently seen as a gaming platform, VR may make the leap into the work world. Meanwhile, numerous ministry organizations have already created immersive VR experiences. Scripture, too, has resources for thinking deeply about virtual and augmented realities. Discover how Christians can lead the way in this report.