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About This Report

At its heart, TeleHealth is about providing healthcare services digitally. The global potential is massive for telehealth to provide more medical care to more people. Many patients are discovering the value of telehealth services for routine care and common ailments.

Telehealth could empower ministries to reach more places more often, and to cover greater areas including hard-to-reach places. Concerns about privacy and quality of care are addressed as well. Telehealth has the potential for spiritual benefits, but is also liable to some risk. Fortunately, Scripture can actually help ministries assess telehealth more clearly. See how TeleHealth could expand your ministry’s reach.


Key Report Highlights

  • Case Studies. Learn where TeleHealth is already being implemented
  • Anticipate. See what changes TeleHealth may require of your ministry.
  • Hurdles. Clarify what technical, systemic, and relational hurdles your ministry will have to solve to deliver TeleHealth.
  • Biblical Thinking. Evaluate the spiritual benefits and risks of delivering TeleHealth services.
  • Identify Concerns. Be ready to address privacy concerns and objections regarding quality of care.

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