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Mapping & Tracking Tech

About This Report

Geo-spatial data is being mapped and tracked in all sorts of ways. This report explores mapping tech in formats you will know, and in ways that will surprise you. You’ll also learn about RFID technology for tracking hard goods.

While both are somewhat common, they still have potential to serve ministries in new ways. We outline some of the common hurdles organizations will face when incorporating this tech, and ways that it could challenge people’s faith. At the same time, when executed well, maps can demonstrate how God is working in the world to fulfill both the cultural mandate and the Great Commission. Explore Mapping & Tracking Tech for your ministry.


Key Report Highlights

  • Clarity. See how mapping can help ministries clarify vision, improve communication, and spot gaps that exist.
  • Planning. Anticipate potential hurdles your ministry may face along the way.
  • Insights. Discover how this tech can help improve accuracy, gain new insights, and map more than just hard goods.
  • Examples. Learn about global mapping efforts already working to identify church planting and ministry worldwide.
  • More. Numerous case studies, additional resources, and next steps are included

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Bridging the Gap between Faith and Technology

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