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3D Printing

About This Report

With 3D Printing, ministries have a significant opportunity to meet people’s tangible needs. This local manufacturing technology empowers organizations to create customized objects for food, clothing, shelter, medicine, and more. With good planning, 3D Printing can support local economies in sustainable ways and display the creativity of God’s image-bearers.
3D printers are being used for medical and dental solutions, custom prosthetics, and mechanical parts repairs. 3D printing has relatively few risks, though some hurdles may exist in some places. While 3D printing may not be a one-size-fits-all solution, it will provide value anywhere it’s adopted. Get 3D Printing started with this report.


Key Report Highlights

  • Getting Started. Know exactly what you’ll need to get started with 3D Printing.
  • Community Impact. Anticipate how 3D printing might impact your community and local economy
  • Expanding. Imagine how 3D Printing could expand to serve education and eyesight needs as well.
  • Examples. Learn from case studies of how others are implementing 3D Printing technology.
  • Ready Designs. Discover online libraries of downloadable designs ready to print.

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