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5G could be summed up as “more data faster with more devices than ever.” 5G will increase upload and download speeds, giving mobile devices wifi-level speeds everywhere. 5G has the capacity to connect magnitudes more devices than current 4G networks, making the “Internet of Things” truly possible.

For ministries, 5G could centralize computing resources while also making them instantly available to far-off users. But these speeds will put new stress on security systems and make organizations vulnerable to big data risks. Navigate the 5G landscape with this report.


Key Report Highlights

  • Ministry. See how 5G might support medical and disaster relief ministries.
  • Opportunities. Discover what makes 5G so attractive over older networks.
  • Monitor. Learn what signals to watch for with 5G’s continuing deployment.
  • Challenges. See what pitfalls might exist alongside the promise of “more data faster.”

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