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About This Report

Social Media isn’t going anywhere. While Big Tech dominates the social landscape, more niche platforms will likely continue popping up. Joining Social Media is simple for any organization, but successfully using it will require strategy and investment. As algorithms shift, so will the social landscape.

This report offers deep analysis of Social Media’s pitfalls and strengths, as well as practical insights for how organizations can deftly manage both. Some case studies are reviewed, and next steps are recommended for those who may just be getting started. Amplify your social media strategy with this report.


Key Report Highlights

  • Evangelism. See how social media evangelism can contribute to a holistic gospel approach.
  • Biblical Resources. Discover the Bible’s rich resources for thinking about social media, from Jesus to Paul.
  • Marketing. Consider social media’s major potential in marketing and communications for ministries.
  • Practical Ideas. Gain on-the-ground, practical insights for taking advantage of social media’s features. features.

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