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Tech Policy regularly attracts headlines as Big Tech companies appear before governments across the globe. But it’s not just tech companies who have policies. Governments, corporations, and NGOs all manage how their users relate to technology. That’s tech policy too. It involves institutions, technical layers, and the data that’s exchanged among them.

Christian concerns about justice, dignity, and human flourishing are at the heart of tech policy. Lacking adequate policies, technology will continue to put individuals and groups at risk. Numerous resources and organizations are available to educate and advocate around these issues. Prepare your organization with this report.


Key Report Highlights

  • Plan. Define key policy areas to monitor that will impact in your organization.
  • Examples. Learn from leading NGOs how they protect and govern data .
  • Perspective. Gain a comprehensive picture of tech policy’s broad landscape.
  • First Steps. Get started addressing tech policy within your ministry.

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