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Agriculture remains the world’s largest business sector with 570 million farms globally. In the decades ahead, farmers will need new ways to feed an estimated 2.3 billion more people. Already today, automation and global finance are transforming the face of farming.

Amid this transformation, mission organizations have the opportunity to help farmers cultivate a worldwide agricultural system that is sustainable, economical, and fair, and to build a bioeconomy that works for the planet and all its people. For ministries today, agriculture is a remarkable way to steward creation in a way that is life-giving to all. Explore AgTech further in this report.


Key Report Highlights

  • Global Challenges. See how AgTech might support  a growing population, food security, and economic stability.
  • Case Studies. Learn from numerous case studies, additional resources, and multiple suggestions for next steps.
  • Hurdles. See what new risks may be arising from agricultural automation.

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Agriculture Tech

Agriculture is the largest business sector on the planet. See how automation and global finance are already transforming it.

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