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Digital Learning Platforms

About This Report

Digital Learning Platforms have merged textbooks, classrooms, and educators into a single, seamless system. Both schools and corporations are deploying these platforms to educate their constituents, offering cost savings, accessibility, and customization.

Platforms empower educators and institutions to iterate easily, expand their reach, and host conferences. However, prolonged use tends toward thinner relationships and higher dropout rates, while posing technical challenges and requiring ongoing content development. Meanwhile, Scripture has robust resources to address issues of mediation, presence, and formation. Evaluate Digital Education’s many dimensions with this report.


Key Report Highlights

  • Insights. See what benefits and drawbacks these platforms create for learners.
  • Dynamics. Learn how platforms will respond to globalization, competition, virtual reality, and blended classrooms.
  • Examples. See what faith-based apps are already utilizing digital learning strategies.
  • Includes. Numerous additional resources, multiple case studies, and extensive next steps.

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Bridging the Gap between Faith and Technology

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