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Blockchain is sometimes described as a “distributed ledger,” but simple phrases like that belie blockchain’s complexity. This report unpacks blockchain and its potential in clear, understandable terms. Blockchain is designed to be transparent, fraud-resistant, and low-cost, and it may one day be “the transaction layer of the internet.” Beyond cryptocurrencies, blockchain could apply to any sector where exchanges happen.


This report outlines the many ways missions might leverage blockchain to serve others’ needs, and acknowledges some of the risks that blockchain presents. Numerous additional resources, case studies, and recommendations for getting started are included. Learn what you’ll need to begin with Blockchain.


Key Report Highlights

  • Potential. See why blockchain has value beyond cryptocurrencies.
  • Jargon Explained. Get a handle on the many new terms used to talk about cryptocurrency and blockchain.
  • Christian Concerns. See how blockchain attempts to resolve cultural problems of trust and injustice.
  • Prepare. Anticipate the multiple hurdles that could impede ministries from adopting blockchain.
  • See Both Sides. Understand how blockchain’s encryption is both a benefit and liability.

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