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Missionaries routinely travel the country to raise support to go the mission field. As they travel, they usually have a place to stay during the days of their meetings (usually Saturday and Sunday) but they spend an enormous amount of time looking for lodging between meetings and often have to resort to using expensive hotel rooms.



To use technology to make the church and the gospel more relevant and accessible in the daily lives and challenges of the disillusioned-church-goer or unchurched.

Unengaged Peoples

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Unengaged peoples are the most severely unreached people in the world. These are people who possess value, because they are created by God; and dignity because they reflect his image. But, they are lost–as are we all–without Jesus. We are building a tool to make it more accessible for the global church to search for and find those whom are still unegaged in order to engage them with the gospel.


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How might we create a browser extension that injects the bible into browsing?

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