FaithTech Malaysia meets every month.

Here’s what you can expect:


We connect, get to know each other and build meaningful relationships.


Each time, someone will speak to us on the intersection of Faith and Technology.


We start and continue community labs projects as part of our regular meet-up rythym.

Malaysia Leaders:

Arun Kumar

City Director, FaithTech Malaysia
Arun is a Product Manager at a local online classifieds company in Malaysia. He used to serve as a full time Youth Pastor at his local church. An engineer by heart with a passion for community building, Arun has always advocated for the integration of technology into the ministry, and recently founded - a peer-to-peer helping platform to meet community needs. He believes every talent and skill is from God, for the Kingdom of God. If you’re in Malaysia, do connect with him!

Upcoming Events in Malaysia

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