ATO alums, think back to the glory days playing pranks between Eaton and Miller or eurorailing across Europe with your fraternity brothers. After a couple years of cubicle life monotony, what if we could get the boys back together. The newly elected E-Board is sending out a petition asking alumni to get more involved, mentor current members, and continue to shape the DNA of the fraternity.  Just this week, they finally threw down the gauntlet by asking us to do more than swing by founders day for an hour or two, but really go all in.  They are inviting us to spend the entire weekend together at Spring Semester’s Brotherhood at Joshua Tree.  

Now don’t you dare start imagining another wimpy camping trip. This things going to be big. Just for starters, this is a chance to reunite with your pledge class so pick up the phone and start recruiting dudes to sign-up.  But even more, this will be a special opportunity to invest into the fraternity.  Thus, we are asking alumni to each chip in $100 so that we can completely cover expenses (we don’t want the chapter to pay a single cent).  With those funds we will finally be able to afford epic food, games, firewood, tents, camp sites, etc. Even more though, this will be the first catalytic event that truly connects alums with new members, thus building long-term friendships, and inviting you to speak into these young men’s lives.  We earnestly believe this first ever Alumni Spring Brotherhood Retreat will be the most fun you’ve had since graduation, but more importantly will allow you to give back to the institution that so shaped your four years at Pepperdine.






Take Interstate 10 to Route 62. From the town of Joshua Tree turn south on Park Blvd. and continue through the West Entrance. The campground is 13 miles from the entrance station and the city of Twentynine Palms.

GPS INFO (Latitude, Longitude):

33.99917, -116.11806

33°59’57″N, 116°7’5″W

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