Apps and devices can clutter our digital lives. Our attention evaporates as we swipe and scroll. Just one more video, one more comment, one more minute.

But those apps and devices also connect us to people we love, to old friends we haven’t seen in too long, and to family who live too far away. Or maybe to that new someone we just swiped right on.

Decluttering isn’t about purging our lives of all things digital, but putting it all in order. The goal is wholehearted personal attention on what matters most. And knowing just exactly what that is.

Aaron Damiani joins us for this month’s Chicago meetup! He is the lead pastor of Immanuel Anglican Church in Chicago’s Uptown neighborhood. Aaron will help us to refocus our hearts, and declutter our digital lives. He’ll help us practice a new way to center our hearts and connect with what matters most.

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