Missional AI

The Global Missional AI Summit brings together mission-minded workers, Bible translators, and technology practitioners to explore the value artificial intelligence (AI) can bring to missional work. The purpose is for times of learning and collaboration that result in the use of AI for the expansion of God’s Kingdom.

AI & Faith

AI and Faith brings the wisdom of the world’s great religions to the discussion around the moral and ethical challenges of artificial intelligence.

The Christian AI Call to Action Project

Over the course of 2022 nine AI & Faith Research Fellows and Advisors have launched The Christian AI Call to Action Project to move beyond ethics statements and create an action-oriented, broad spectrum study group.

How Should Christians Think About Artificial Intelligence?

Sean McDowell: Are artificial intelligence and robots ever going to gain consciousness like human beings? How should Christians think biblically about AI and robotics? Can we have friendships with robots? Should robots have rights? Join me and my co-host Dr. Scott Rae from the Think Biblically Podcast as we discuss one of the most pressing […]

AI & The Biblical Story

AI and the Biblical Story – FaithTech Online June Meetup

Dr. Derek Schuurman joins FaithTech to discuss AI and the Biblical story. Many believe that AI could lead us toward some sort of paradise. A rival story suggests that the future doesn’t need us and that AI will ultimately threaten humanity. This talk explores a vision for AI informed by the Biblical story and how […]

AI – an evangelical response

This article from ERLC offers Christian perspectives on AI, emphasizing human worth, ethical use, and responsible AI development while acknowledging God’s sovereignty.

AI Will Shape Your Soul: But How is Up to Us

Kate Lucky reminds us to be mindful of how we use this tech. From changing the way we work to changing the way we interact with other humans. Our use of AI and the ways in which we interact with it are changing who we are as people.

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