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Web 3.0 Innovation Lab

What is the Innovation Lab?‚Äč

Are you passionate to innovate with emerging Web 3.0 technology in the name of Jesus? This coming March (2023) we will be gathering online for FaithTech’s first Web 3.0 Innovation Lab. We will gather over 4 weeks in March 2023 with weekly evening meet-ups to Discover, Discern, Develop and Demonstrate Kingdom opportunities within the Web 3.0 space.

If you want to leverage Web 3.0 technology for Christ, this is a unique opportunity to play, experiment, conceptualize and build solutions in community, following a biblically-rooted development framework. Learn more below.

Faithtech Phoenix Meetup

01. PotentialWe see great missional potential in emerging Web 3.0 technologies. We want to explore this potential and put it to work
for the Kingdom of God. Register Interest02. LearningWe will learn from partners who are exploring these technologies, and apply this to build redemptive solutions in community together.
Register Interest03. ScaleAs we build solutions and experiment with these technologies, we are passionate to see kingdom-sized opportunities realized served through innovation at scale.
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Innovation Lab

How Does It Work?

The innovation lab is a four-week online program, with weekly meet-ups on Wednesday evenings. In between these meet-ups you get to build with your team in preparation for the demo event on the final Wednesday. Each session is outlined below.


Week 1 – Discover

Partners, practitioners and mission experts share learning and potential for the emerging technology. Teams form around Kingdom Opportunities for Web 3.0 technology.


week 2 – Discern

Teams will be guided through a discernment process to get to a build decision; whether to curate or create based on the available tech and the opporutnity they’re working on.


week 3 – develop

You’ll spend time developing the solution, with a tech stack and usage guidance provided as part of the lab.



You’ll demonstrate what you’ve built as you pitch your product / concept to the community, as well as telling the story of how your team learned and grew in their faith journey through this process.

Participating Organizations

These organizations will be sharing their learning, experience and opportunities through the Innovation Lab.
Check back as more get added.

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FaithTech Missional Tech Trends

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FaithTech has created 18 white papers on emerging technology trends, and how they might be applied to the mission of sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ.

To discover and download these reports, click below.



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