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Drones have been popularized and developed for civilian and commercial use over the last couple decades for two primary purposes: delivery and data gathering. As prices fall and regulations shift, the drone industry continues to specialize, and that specialization includes ministry goals. Ministries have unique needs and biblical values that will drive their approaches and adoption.

To leverage new opportunities, ministries will need to coordinate human resources to manage drones’ technical and logistical needs. Like any computer, drones present risks and hurdles as well. We also explore how drones might reframe the gospel and our postures to prayer. Explore how drones could fit into your ministry’s work.

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Key Report Highlights

  • Delivery. Think practically about what goods you could deliver with a drone.
  • Data Gathering. Get insight on what information drones can provide to ministries working in new areas.
  • Interaction. Anticipate what challenges drones may create for personal ministry.
  • Systems. See what systems you’ll need to fly drones safely wherever you send them.
  • More. Get additional resources, multiple case studies, and next steps for getting started.

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Bridging the Gap between Faith and Technology

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