Screen of digital video camera with two vloggers sitting on chairs and talking

How might we enable influencer-led fundraising strategies for NFPs and Mission organisations.

Prayer Walk

Aerial view of the city of Vancouver in Canada

How might we capture prayer over specific geographic areas


Young people working together and use the laptop

Background In Japan, the timing for Christians to share their testimonies is very rare. The average lifespan of a Christian is said to be three years, and the number of years in the church is said to be three years, and missionary work is sparse. Also, the timing of testimonies happens when people change their […]


We believe that technology will allow servants of God to work easier. They can spend time with people which is more essential work that technology can’t.


Internal Church communications application to allow for better membership, staff, and community communications.

Awana Discipleship

Getting Awana resources, interactions and discipleship strategies to parents and young people with a tech solution.

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