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The FaithTech team all have something in common: a deep love for Jesus, and a passion to see tech used for His glory.

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Heather Hill

Leadership Team, Phoenix
Heather Hill advises data & analytics leaders and organizations. An advocate for diversity in teams, Heather is passionate about supporting and enabling women and minorities to take the next step in their careers. She also seeks to honor Jesus in her work through volunteering, speaking, and coaching at BI Success Coach, LLC:

Isaac Hanekamp

Marketing Manager
Isaac has a passion for seeing technology used for Kingdom advancement! He has spent most of his working life with eCommerce brands as a digital strategist as well as Christian organizations like Crossroads Christian Communications, Slavic Gospel Association, and Hope Bible Church. He has also spent time in the cryptocurrency space working on mining colocation projects. Prior to Isaac joining our team, he once spoke at a FaithTech event and has partnered with us on various projects over the years.

James Kelly

Founder & CEO
James Kelly is Founder and CEO of FaithTech. James has spoken live over 350 times in remote villages in South Sudan to Google HQ in Silicon Valley. He has been featured on 100 Huntley, 700 Club and Faith Today. James is married with two young children and lives in Waterloo, Canada.

Jason Wong

City Lead, Toronto
Jason is the City Lead for FaithTech Toronto. He currently works for the provincial government based out of Toronto, and is a keen tech scout. He loves to see community and innovation at the intersection of faith and technology.

John Kim

City Lead, Silicon Valley
John Kim is a business development and strategy advisor for several early-stage startups, and a board member and fellow for a number of nonprofit organisations. John is an active leader in the Silicon Valley Christian community, leading initiatives in faith and work, faith-driven entrepreneurship, faith and technology, and faith-driven social impact/social justice.

Joshua Jones

Texas Regional Manager
Since helping plant a church in college, Joshua has been committed to the idea that the local church is God’s plan A for the world (there is no plan B). As an operationally minded follower of Jesus with an entrepreneur bent, he finds himself helping organizations build for health and position for growth through disciple making. He fills his days running operations for a technology firm, coaching small group leaders, ubering his kids around, and drinking coffee with his wife.

Kevin Burgess

Global Labs Director
Kevin is the Global Labs Director for FaithTech. Having arrived in Canada from the UK in January 2018, Kevin has a background in running a Web Design Business with his wife Ellie, Church ministry including a plant in North Toronto, and as a currency analytics consultant into Health Services in the UK. He is passionate to see God blurring the boundaries in peoples' lives across their faith, vocations, and work. Kevin is married with two young children currently living in Toronto.

Marc Krejci

City Lead, FaithTech Seattle & Board Member
Marc is a software design leader creating digital experiences through iterative UX/UI development. As a connector and community builder, he is helping FaithTech grow in the USA. Currently, he works at Facebook prototyping new user experiences for ML/AI tools and is the creator of Congo, a platform for automating branded social video content. He's a well-documented mountain runner and traveller, so check out his adventures on Instagram and Facebook!


Co-Lead, FaithTech Japan
Norito co-leads the community in Japan with Yoshi. He's passionate to see people exercise their faith across all spheres of life.

Nualporn Smerasuta (Waan)

Executor, Bangkok
Waan helps lead FaithTech Bangkok.

Oyunbold Durun

Lead, FaithTech Mongolia
Oyunbold or OB leads FaithTech Mongolia. He currently works for Unleash (Entrepreneurship) Academy. He lives in Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia, with his beautiful wife and two daughters.

Ruth Mullen

FaithTech Speaker
Ruth is the former Director of FaithTech Toronto and now a FaithTech Speaker. She is an Instructional Designer at Desire to Learn (D2L), a growing tech company in Waterloo, Canada. Ruth speaks about the unique intersection of the complex world of technology and working in tech with Christian theology and life. Ruth is also a history nerd and knows a lot of meaningless facts about pockets, the pyramids and the Vikings.

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