“Why do I need privacy if I have nothing to hide?” If you’ve ever wondered this, or heard others say it, join us for our next FaithTech Chicago gathering.

Chris Martin, author of Terms of Service, joins us to talk about why privacy is good for you and how you can manage it better. Join us Thursday evening, May 19.

For all its benefits, Social Media isn’t free. We all know that if you’re not paying for the product, you are the product, but what does that mean? Is that new Instagram feature really worth sharing your location? Can we use social media and keep our privacy … and do we even care?

Plus, is Social Media a net positive or net negative? Chris will share his thoughts and then we’ll open it up for questions and discussion. Share your thoughts, and hear from others. We’ll work out together how to make the most of social media and avoid its negative effects.

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We’ll be meeting online – a link will be sent the day of the event.

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* Photographs and videos may be taken during this event. Please contact us in advance if you would not like to be a part of videos and photos. Otherwise, by attending, you are agreeing to participate in our media.

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