How happy are you with your technology habits? “People who are happy with technology do things differently,” Christina Crook says.

We all could use a little more joy these days. We’re excited to have Christina joining us for our next gathering! She has a deep well of knowledge and practice for living joyfully with technology.

Join us Thursday, March 17, to hear from Christina, and find out what she does to live more joyfully in a life surrounded with technology. We’re excited to have you!

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We’ll be meeting online – a link will be sent the day of the event.

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We are a global movement of Christians interested in all things faith and technology. Our vision is to become a global hub for FaithTech conversations, integrations, and innovations.

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* Photographs and videos may be taken during this event. Please contact us in advance if you would not like to be a part of videos and photos. Otherwise, by attending, you are agreeing to participate in our media.

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