It’s been a while since the greater FaithTech community gathered so we’re really excited to get together again soon for this special event!

Introducing #HACKVAN2022: Oct 21st, 5 pm – Oct 23rd, 5 pm

That’s what #HACK is about, seeing businesses, non-profits and churches working together to solve society’s most challenging problems.

#HACK is a global event where participants around the world create innovative digital solutions to issues facing their communities.

We’ll be supporting refugee families, bringing light to remote communities, connecting with the spiritually curious on the internet, and more.

We will provide meals and drinks. Snacks will be available all weekend.

This event is for everyone from engineers and programmers to ministry leaders to designers. Our goal is to join together with the broader community, using tech and innovation as a means to help grow the Kingdom of God. Diversity makes us stronger.

Can’t stay for the whole time?

Not to worry! Drop in and drop out whenever you can.

What is FaithTech?

We are a global movement of Christians interested in all things faith and technology. Our vision is to become a global hub for FaithTech conversations, integrations, and innovations.

Visit our website or check out our publication for more!

* Photographs and videos may be taken during this event. Please contact us in advance if you would not like to be a part of the videos and photos. Otherwise, by attending, you are agreeing to participate in our media.

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