We know that not everyone has a local FaithTech community in their city so this is an opportunity to get plugged into our global community and learn more about how our local ones function.

Come meet, learn, and build with other like minded Christians in tech as we steward our skills for the glory of God together!

This month, we’ll hear from Daniel Sih on how to make space for true productivity in the digital age!

Online meetings and hybrid working is here to stay, requiring a rethink in the way we structure our work. Now more than ever, workers need tools to manage digital overload for their wellbeing, encompassing strategies to focus, think clearly, and care for self.

Imagine if your team could boost productivity by disconnecting from excessive online activity. What if investing in space to think deeply, rest fully, and reconnect with people in real life could become a strategy to do your best work and live your best life?

This talk will help inspire us to rethink our relationship with the online world and make space for what truly matters in both work and in life.

Join us on August 23rd!


Daniel Sih is an award-winning author, TEDx speaker, and the CEO of Spacemakers, a productivity consulting group for busy leaders.

His first book, “Spacemaker,” has won six national and international awards, including the Best Work-Life Balance and Time-Prioritisation Book in the American Axiom Business Book Awards in 2023.

His latest book, “Raising Tech-Healthy Humans” has also won an award and is shortlisted for the Australian Christian Book of the Year in 2023.

Daniel is an accredited CliftonStrengths® coach and the creator of Email Ninja® – a global inbox-zero course with more than 25,000 students online and offline.

He has worked as a Physiotherapist, a project manager, and as a church pastor. As a church pastor, he founded Hope Groups, a global discipleship initiative to help people read the Bible with their unchurched friends.

On the home front, Daniel is married to Kylie and has three children: Naomi, Caleb, and Jethro. He compassionately cares for 15 noisy chickens who eat too much grain and lay too few eggs.

To find out more about his various roles, visit www.spacemakers.com.au + www.raisinghumans.au


What is FaithTech?

We are a global tech community for Christ. We exist to help people in the tech ecosystem find community and steward their skills to glorify God.

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What happens at a FaithTech Event?

Meet: Community begins when we connect, get to know each other and build meaningful relationships.

Learn: Each time we meet together, someone will speak to us on the intersection of faith and technology.

Build: We start and continue community labs projects as a part of our regular meet-up rhythm.

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