Shaping a Digital World

Waterloo Weekly Community

We are a weekly community of creatives impacting our city and the world for Jesus using technology.

Join us every Thursday starting at 6pm on the 2nd floor cafe at Communitech (The Tannery). This is a time to get to know others in your community, eat FREE dinner together, and build amazing technology together.

Please RSVP each week.

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Shaping a Digital World

FaithTech Toronto Spring Social

2 May 2019

Do you ever feel disconnected in your industry?

Have you ever wished you could meet some other Christians working in Toronto?

Join us for an informal evening of connecting (and pizza!) with technologists, pastors, business leaders, non-profit volunteers and other like-minded people exploring the intersection of faith and technology in the city.

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Innovative events are fuel at FaithTech. It’s where we get together, discuss, learn and ignite each other and our ideas.

Our first event was a gathering of 35 people in a coffee shop, mixing together those in church and non-profit ministry with tech. Within our first year in Waterloo, we had hosted two more conversation nights, a TED-style Innovation Talk that drew over 160 people, and a weekend long Hackathon.

The opportunity for the church body to leverage technology to advance the Kingdom locally and globally is palpable.” - James Kelly, FaithTech founder

Our events strive to be innovative, interactive, thought-provoking and a force multiplier for putting ideas into action. One of our hopes is to gather people for the sake of the Kingdom in a way we never have before. FaithTech events are:

Conversation Nights

Taking place every 3 months in a city, a conversation night connects church folk experiencing real-problems with those that can help bring innovative and technological solutions. Often highlighted with a speaker or panel, the second half of the night is marked by table conversations.

Innovation Talks

Think TED Talks. The best way to avoid one-way thinking is to hear from others who are moving outside the box to bridge faith and technology. Innovation Talks is a large event with the purpose to expose the broader church to innovative ideas on how we can move the mission of Jesus forward locally and globally.


A conference for geeks. Where faith meets action, hackathons are an exciting short-term community environment where we tackle challenges with technology to move the mission of Jesus forward.


A regular gathering of Christians in the companies where they work to build community and explore what it means to be “the light of Christ” in their workplace.


A regular (every other week) gathering of creatives to work on their FaithTech LABS projects (or a project on their interest). Its purpose is to work on Kingdom-minded projects in an environment with others doing likewise. Visit the FaithTech Meetup page for more details.

Come be inspired and hear from those thinking outside the box on how to bridge the gap between our faith and technology to change the world with the Gospel.

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