Shaping a Digital World

Waterloo - Picnic in the Park

6 August 2020

Now that Ontario is firmly into Stage 3, we thought that it would be great to see each other in person again - from a safe physical distance of course!

Join us in Victoria Park to catch up and hear some great updates about FaithTech!

Here's what's happening:

We'll meet in Victoria Park, Kitchener, where the ice rink would usually be (on Jubilee Drive, between Water and David St). Feel free to pack your dinner if you'd like, set up a safe distance from your neighbour, and catch up with each other. Also, as you feel it is appropriate - masks are currently "in"!

We'll share some updates about FaithTech, and cover our usual areas of discussion like Labs 101 (if you'd like to know even more about our projects), FaithTech 101 (if you'd like to know more about FaithTech), or a general Faith+Tech chat.

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Shaping a Digital World

Toronto August Online Meetup

11 August 2020

With the obvious changes to life all around us, we still want to be in community together. So we're going online for the Toronto Monthly Meetup.

This event is for everyone from engineers and programmers to ministry leaders to designers. Our goal is to join together with the broader community, using tech and innovation as a means to help grow the Kingdom of God. Diversity makes us stronger.

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Innovative events are fuel at FaithTech. It’s where we get together, discuss, learn and ignite each other and our ideas.

Our first event was a gathering of 35 people in a coffee shop, mixing together those in church and non-profit ministry with tech. Within our first year in Waterloo, we had hosted two more conversation nights, a TED-style Innovation Talk that drew over 160 people, and a weekend long Hackathon.

Right now, we're meeting online due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, so watch this space for new events near you!

The opportunity for the church body to leverage technology to advance the Kingdom locally and globally is palpable.”

- James Kelly, FaithTech founder 

Come be inspired and hear from those thinking outside the box on how to bridge the gap between our faith and technology to change the world with the Gospel.

Learn about upcoming events and other FaithTech news.

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