Faith@Work is focused on building gospel-centered communities in the workplace. 

A Faith@Work community consists of believers in Jesus that meet on a regular (weekly or bi-weekly) basis exploring two simple questions:

  1. Why do I work?
  2. How is my faith active at work?

One of the greatest gaps in the local church is helping the working man or woman understand why they work and educating on a biblical framework to work. A Theology of Work so to speak. It is here we believe FaithTech can assist local Church pastors in helping their people flourish in the workplace.

FaithTech plays the role of pastor, initiator, resource, coach and mentor. We empower leaders within their organization to lead and mobilize team members. We help launch gatherings by connecting believers within their workplace with other believers. And finally, we provide resources to equip the leaders for regular content of discussion. We create and provide content that helps communities wrestle with why they work and how they can live out their faith at work.

One resource FaithTech has written is a workbook that compliments Tim Keller's Every Good Endeavor: Connecting Your Work to God’s Work. It is a three month workbook for any Faith@Work Community including four elements: a recommended opening reading from the book, commentary from James Kelly (Founder of FaithTech), 4-5 recommended questions, and a few prayer items.


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