We know that not everyone has a local FaithTech community in their city so this is an opportunity to get plugged into our global community and learn more about how our local ones function.

Come meet, learn, and build with other like minded Christians in tech as we steward our skills for the glory of God together!

This month, we’ll hear from James Kelly, FaithTech’s Founder & CEO.

James has just returned from a 3 month sabbatical, and as he shares:

“…the most unexpected things happened. By God’s grace, the Lord taught me in deeply unexpected ways.

The value of rest.

Coming face to face with my insecurities and sin.

The value of regular practices.

And the good news is that the Bible teaches us about how to build rest into our life in the midst of work. I hope you can join us.”

Join us on September 27th to hear James’ talk!


What is FaithTech?

We are a global tech community for Christ. We exist to help people in the tech ecosystem find community and steward their skills to glorify God.

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What happens at a FaithTech Event?

Meet: Community begins when we connect, get to know each other and build meaningful relationships.

Learn: Each time we meet together, someone will speak to us on the intersection of faith and technology.

Build: We start and continue community labs projects as a part of our regular meet-up rhythm.

Have questions? Email us at hello@faithtech.com

* Photographs and videos may be taken during this event. Please contact us in advance if you would not like to be a part of videos and photos. Otherwise, by attending, you are agreeing to participate in our media.

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