Yoshihisa Nakamura - Japan

Yoshi is one of the city directors for FaithTech Japan. His hope is to use technology innovatively to build God’s kingdom.

Yoshihisa Nakamura

I am a Japanese PK (pastor’s kid) living in Tokyo, Japan. I was introduced to the digital world when I was 14 years old. I started out creating flash animations.From there, I taught myself web creation and motion graphics and worked as a director at a television station. I also worked as an artist at Sony Music for a while.Currently, I work for several startups in Tokyo, developing services for engineers and working with VCs (Venture Capitals).
I also started a network called, CALM for Japanese Christian tech workers. Because only 1% of the Japanese are Christians, my hope is to use technology innovatively to build God’s kingdom.My hobbies are saunas and building small aquariums. I have been married to my Japanese American wife, Ashley for a year.

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