Enoch Weng

Enoch is the director for Faithtech Vancouver. Enoch loves to empower Christians through tech, finance and ministry.

Enoch Weng

Enoch’s mission is to empower Christians to achieve financial transformation by applying biblical wisdom throughout their financial journey. Enoch’s practice is focused on providing relationship-based expert financial planning, based upon biblical wisdom to achieve financial transformation.

With a background in entrepreneurship and finance, Enoch is well-versed with the start-up world and of the challenges that come with it. He hasserved in various financial roles for non-profit organizations and is a BBA alumnus from SFU concentrating in finance.

Enoch was also the former events director for Vancouver Startup week and former programs coordinator at Wavefront, and is currently the director for Faithtech Vancouver. He has helped LeaderImpact start the Young Leaders movement, and serves on the Willingdon Church Worship Team.

Contact Enoch at enoch@faithtech.com

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