Beth Round

Beth is our Global Operations Manager. She is an experienced communications manager who loves to help people find connection and community.

Beth Round

Beth has been involved with FaithTech since its very beginning. She joined FaithTech’s first ever hackathon and found herself on the team that has gone on to help thousands of people battling with thoughts of suicide. She spent 14 years with Mission Aviation Fellowship Canada contributing as their Communications Manager, implementing a new CRM, and leading social media.

Beth leads operations globally for FaithTech, as well as the Communications and Marketing team. She supports all our City Directors with any operation and administrative task in order to allow them to focus on networking, teaching, and leading. She is an elder at her local church and loves Jesus deeply. We are extremely proud to have Beth on our global staff team.

She can be seen in this video talking about FaithTech’s partnership with MAF, (and bonus points if you can spot her unwitting cameos in various other FaithTech videos).

You can contact Beth at

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